RodentPorts - For Rat And Mouse Studies

These small, light-weight access ports have been designed specifically for rodent studies.

Penny MousePort - for intravascular and peritoneal access

The Penny MousePort, our smallest family member, represents over 25 years of experience in port design and incorporates two major design breakthroughs;

– a unique septum design
– an all silicone port body

The MousePort is provided with preattached silicone catheters, in sizes 1-4 French.

Rat-O-Port - for intravascular and peritoneal access

Since its introduction to preclinical researchers in 1994, the Rat-O-Port (ROP)has remained one of our most popular models. The rounded port chamber (like that of out ClearPort series) has been shown to prolong patency by preventing sludge* formation.

The Rat-O-Port can be provided with preattached or attachable polyurethane or silicone catheters, rounded or blunt tip, in sizes 1-5 French.

Penny MousePort - Features & Benefits:

– low profilemouseport photo
small size and weight

– biocompatible oval shape
easy port entry into the smallest mouse

– small dead volume
reduces infusate volume

– unique septum offfering 180º access
stainless steel needle guard protection

– ideal for both intravascular and *peritoneal access
avoids repeated tail vein catheterization


Material – all silicone with a stainless steel needle guard
Weight – 1gm
Volume – 100ul
Height – 0.28″/0.7cm
Septum opening – 180º access (1.2cm x 0.4cm)
Footprint – 2cm x 1.1cm
Catheter material & configuration – preattached silicone catheter 1-4 French

*Gonzalez-Mateo GT “Chronic exposure of the mouse peritoneum to peritoneal dialysis fluid: Structural and functional alterations of the peritoneal membrane.” Perit Dial Int 29(2):227-230. 2009

Rat-O-Port - Features & Benefits:

– low profile and light weight
reduces incidence of skin necrosis

– rounded port reservoir & tangential catheter outlet
more complete flushing reduces complications

– ringed septum easy to palpate
provides easy access during needle insertion

– ideal for long-term access procedures
tested to 350 punctures with a 24 gauge huber needle

– avoids repeated venipuncture
promotes animal welfare

– ideal for both intravascular and peritoneal access
avoids repeated tail vein catheterization


Material – plastic with stainless steel catheter pin
Weight – 1.5gm
Volume – 0.11cc
Height – 0.35″/0.9cm
Septum opening – 0.3″/0.8cm
Footprint – 0.7″/1.7cm

Catheter Configuration – ROP models can be ordered with catheters that are preattached during manufacture or attachable/Ac – to be attached during surgery

Catheter Material – ROP models can be ordered with silicone, polyurethane, or Hydromer coated in sizes 1-7 French.

Catheter Tip Configuration – blunt or rounded tip

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