PhantomPorts - Perfect for the SIPI Technique

Available in titanium and plastic, the Phantom Port is the perfect size and shape for the *Single Incision Peripheral Insertion (SIPI) V-A-P Placement Technique.

The stainless steel catheter connector pin can be replaced by a plastic/PEEK pin if a metal-free vascular access port is a requirement.

*Graham M. et. al. “A novel alternative placement site and technique for totally implantable vascular access ports in non-human primates.” J. Med Primatol. 38(3):204-12. 2009.


PhantomPorts are available in titanium and plastic in 2 sizes.

The large models (LPH) are suitable for sheep, swine and large dogs
The small models (SPH) are suitable for cats, rabbits and primates

Material Plastic Plastic Titanium Titanium
Size l Large Small Large Small
Weight 3gm 1.75gm 6gm 3gm
Port Volume 0.30cc 0.10cc 0.30cc 0.10cc
Port Height 0.4"/1.0cm 0.36"/0.9cm 0.4"/1.0cm 0.36"/0.9cm
Septum 0.3"/0.8cm 0.2"/0.5cm 0.3"/0.8cm 0.2"/0.5cm
Footprint 2.6cm x 1.8cm 0.83cm x 0.53cm 2.6cm x 1.8cm 0.83cm x 0.53cm

Catheter Configuration:

Ports can be ordered with catheters that are preattached during manufacture or that are attachable/ attached during surgery

Catheter Material:

Silicone, Polyurethane, Intisil (round tip Silicone) or Hydrocoat (round tip Hydromer coated Polyurethane) catheter in French sizes 2-9.


Features & Benefits

– biocompatible tapered design
easy port entry for SIPI Technique*

– low profile
reduces incidence of skin necrosis

– ringed septum esy to palpate
provides easy access during needle insertion

* SIPI – Single SIte Peripheral Insertion Technique

– local anesthesia
– avoids risks associated with general anesthesia

– minimally invasive procedure
single incision site for both port and catheter

– no restraint needed when accessing
provides easy in-home cage access

– improved animal well-being
reduces experimental stress


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