Needles - Huber/Non-Coring Point and Blunt Tip

Huber point or non-corning needles are designed with a deflected or offset ‘B’ bevel point. This tip has the advantage of parting rather than cutting a plug from or coring the silicone septum of a vascular access port or injection site. This preserves the integrity of the septum and prevents a silicone plug being cut and passed into the vasculature.

Notice that the bevel of the Huber point needle, i.e. the ground surface or cutting edge, is almost perpendicular to the needle shaft. This deflects the pressure from the heel, allowing the needle to part rather than core the septum as it is inserted and withdrawn.

PosiGrip - Huber Point Non-Caring Needles

PosiGrip Huber point needles feature an architecturally contoured “B” bevel needle tip and a unique knarled hub. This hub provides positive grip action when attaching the needle to a syringe or luer lock.

The hub of the PosiGrip needle is color coded (a black hub signifies a 22 gauge needle) for easy gauge identification.

Injection caps, needleless/safety caps or microclaves can be attached to our PosiGrip needles.

Needle Gauge Hub Color Available Needle Lengths
1/2"/0.5cm 5/8"/0.625cm 3/4"/0.75cm 1"/2.5cm
25 Blue PG25-50      
24 Purple   PG24-625    
22 Black     PG22-75 PG22-100
20 Yellow     PG20-75 PG20-100
19 Brown     PG19-75  

LSA Series - Color Coed Blunt Tip Needles

Blunt needle adaptors, commonly known as LSA’s (Luer Stub Adaptors, are used to connect infusion tubing or catheters to a syringe or other male luer device.

LSA’s feature burr free, polished and passivated stainless steel tips with plastic hubs. The hubs are color coded for easy gauge identification.

Catalog Number Needle Gauge Hub Color Outer Diameter inches Inner Diameter inches/mm
LSA-15 15 Orange 0.070/1.80 0.053/1.35
LSA-16 16 Purple 0.063/1.60 0.046/1.19
LSA-18 18 Pink 0.047/1.20 0.033/0.84
LSA-19 19 Brown 0.041/1.05 0027/0.70
LSA-20 20 Yellow 0.035/0.90 0.023/0.60
LSA-21 21 Green 0.031/0.81 0.020/0.51
LSA-22 22 Black 0.027/0.71 0.016/0.41
LSA-23 23 Lt Blue 0.024/0.63 0.012/0.31
LSA-24 24 Red 0.021/0.55 0.011/0.28
LSA-25 25 Blue 0.020/0.51 0.010/0.26
LSA-26 26 Grey 0.018/0.46 0.009/0.23
LSA-27 27 Clear 0.016/0.41 0.008/0.21
LSA-30 30 Lilac 0.012/0.32 0.006/0.16
LSA-32 32 Straw 0.009/0.25 0.003/0.09

LSA’s can be ordered sterile or bulk non-sterile with our without injection caps.

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