InLine Port - For Continuous or Intermittent Access

This skin parallel or side access port promotes superior needle retention to reduce the incidence of “needle walk-out” during a protracted infusion.

Use the InLine Port with an infusion catheter for dependable long-term patency.


Specifications InLine/InLine-AC*
Material Titanium
Weight 3gm
Reservoir Volume 0.17cc
Port Height 0.4"/1.0cm
Septum Opening 0.3x0.2"/0.8x0.5cm
Footprint 0.66x0.73"/1.7x1.9cm

Catheter Configuration:

Ports can be ordered with catheters that are preattached during manufacture or that are attachable/ attached during surgery. *AC signifies attachable catheters.

Catheter Material:

Silicone, Polyurethane, Intisil (round tip Silicone) or Hydrocoat (round tip Hydromer coated Polyurethane) catheter in French sizes 2-9.

Access Direction:

In a skin parallel or side access port, the needle is inserted perpendicularly into the septum; however because the septum is rotated 90° with respect to the catheter outlet, the needle once inserted lies parallel to the skin surface.

Conventional Top Access
The Huber needle once inserted into the septum, lies perpendicular to the skin surface.

Skin Parallel/Side Access
The Huber needle once inserted into the septum, lies parallel to the skin surface


– linear port pathway
for advancement of infusion catheter, probe or guidewire to access the vessel

– ability to restore patency
by insertion of infusion catheter through port and catheter into the vessel

– prevents needle walk
superior needle retention due to horizontal needle placement

– lower profile, light-weight & biocompatible shape
reduced skin necrosis & improved animal welfare

– large oval septum
for ease of location & insertion of infusion catheter

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