GridLock Port - The Port With The 'Sweetspot'

With the increasing length of infusion studies, the need for improved needle security has become more crucial than it has been in the past. To meet this need we have designed a new vascular access port, the GridLock™. This “dual purpose” port offers a peripheral grid for needle stability during long-term access and a center sweetspot for standard access.

The dual purpose GridLock provides the best of both worlds……..

needle stability at the perimeter & easy access in the center SweetSpot.

The grid feature is available in our large and medium Titanium ClearPorts as well as in our large and medium SwirlPorts.


GridLock ports are available in titanium CLearPort and SwirlPort models

The Grid-CP2 model is suitable for sheep, swine and large dogs
The Grid-CP4 model is suitable for dogs, rabbits, cats as well as non-human primates

Model Gridlock-CP2/Large Gridlock-CP4/Medium
Weight 16gm 10gm
Port Volume 0.84cc 0.36cc
Port Height 0.5"/1.3cm 0.4"/1.0cm
Septum 0.47"/1.2cm 0.35"/0.9cm
Footprint 1.15"/2.9cm 0.90"/2.3cm
SweetSpot 0.05inch2/32mm2 0.012inch2/8mm2

Catheter Configuration:

Ports can be ordered with catheters that are preattached during manufacture or that are attachable/ attached during surgery

Catheter Material:

Silicone, Polyurethane, Intisil (round tip Silicone) or Hydrocoat (round tip Hydromer coated Polyurethane) catheter in French sizes 2-9.


GridLock Features

– dual stainless steel gridlock
to grip the needle during infusion

– sweetspot with no gridloc
for effortless sampling & flushing

– rounded port chamber design
to prevent sludge build-up

GridLock Advantages

– grid septum area for improved needle grip
prevents inadvertant port-needledislodgement during protracted infusion

– sweetspot without a grid septum area
for sampling, bolus infusion and maintenance procedures

– use of a regular Huber needle
no additional expensive design (eg pencil Point) of needle is required

– accepts a traditional right angle Huber infusion set
the choice of needle design for protracted infusion

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