CSF LoVol - The Port with Minimal Dead Space

The LoVol addresses implanted port applications requiring minimal dead space. With a reservoir dead volume about 10% of the amount of the standard SoloPorts, the LoVol are ideally suited for CSF infusion or withdrawal applications, or any application involving the use of a costly compound to be delivered in small volumes. Use the Lovol with the smallest catheter to achieve minimal dead volumes.

Packaged into a standard SoloPort body, the Lovol can be accessed in the conventional way with a 24 or 22 gauge Huber needle.


Size medium small
Material titanium titanium
Weight 6.9gm 3gm
Volume 40μl 15μl
Height 0.39”/1cm 0.28”/0.7cm

Catheter Configuration:

Ports can be ordered with catheters preattached or attachable

Catheter Material:

Silicone, Polyurethane or Hydromer coated in French sizes from 3-5

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