Hydromer Coating - The Environmentally Friendly Surface

Hydromer is a highly lubricious, non-eluting surface coating that minimizes the ability of bacteria to adhere to the coated surface and destroy the few colony units that do adhere.

Upon exposure to body fluids it acts via the electrostatic interaction between the coatings eletrostatic force and the anionic bacerial outer membrane. This results in damage to the bacterium’s outer mebrane leading to its permeability and demise.

Hydromer is not a drug and therefore reduces the liklehood of bacerial mutation, adaptation or resistance.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

…from the smalllest rodent to the largest laboratory species – and for everyone in-between, we offer a wide selection of species and site specific validated catheter designs. For your convenience, all catheters are provided EtO sterilized in a Tyvex pouch that includes a stainless steel plug and luer stub adaptor.

If our standard designs are not exactly what you need we can reproduce your exisiting catheter or assist you in the design of a custom catheter at a reasonable price. Email your request for protoypes and sterile samples to info@norfolkaccess.com and we will reply in a timely maner.

With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing laboratory animal catheters, allow us do what we do best, build your catheters, while you concentrate on what you do best…..the research. We offer catheters in Silicone, Polyethylene, Polyurethane or Hydromer coated Polyurethane in sizes suitable for the smallest mice to sizes for the largest laboratory animals. We provide vessel suture beads as a standard on most of our catheters and offer a variety of other modifications that allow you to design your perfect catheter.

The introduction over 15 years ago of our Intisil, rounded tip Silicone catheters, and more recently our rounded tip polyurethane catheters, revolutionized intravascular catheterization. Studies have shown that the rounded tip is less trumatic to the intimal vessel wall during catheter insertion and advancement than is a bevel or blunt tip. For the researcher this translates into improved catheter patency duration.

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