Our Selection of Medical Grade Catheter Tubing on Spools

Polyurethane, Silicone, Polyethylene, PFTE, PVC-Tygon, Co-Extruded

Bulk Medical Grade Catheter Tubing on 25'/7.6m Spools - Non Sterile

Access Technologies offers a wide range of external and intravascular tubing non-sterile on 25’/6.7m spools. If you prefer, we can make your finished catheters for you in a range of French sizes, lengths, materials and modifications. Finished catheters are shipped sterile. View our Custom Catheter page or contact us for details.

PolyUrethane - PU Tubing in sizes 1-7 French

Properties of PolyUrethane that make it a good choice for intravascular catheters include its high biocompatibility and relative non-thrombogenicity. Comparing similar French sizes, PolyUrethane has a greater inner diameter than Silicone due to its high tensile strength and thinner wall. Initial stiff, it is easy to insert and advance, especially in small sizes, but it will soften once in the body. PolyUrethane must be EtO sterilized.

Silicone Tubing - Si Tubing in sizes 1-9 French

Our medical grade silicone rubber is a medical grade platinum extruded Dow Corning SILASTIC┬« available as a clear or radiopaque tubing. It has high biocompatibity, is relatively non-thrombogenic, resistant to chemicals and temperature, and is easily modified. It’s softness minimizes vessel trauma during catheter insertion and advancement. Silicone can be autoclaved or EtO gas sterilized.

PolyEthylene Tubing - PE Tubing in sizes PE10-PE190

Our Low Density PolyEthylene while flexible is rigid enough for pressure applications. It contains no plasticizers nor additives and shows superior chemical resistance. While it can be used for intravascular cannulation it is more often used on extracorporeal components. When used intravascularly applying a soft Silicone Tip, the Sil-Tip, to the PolyEthylene may minimize vessel trauma.

PolyVinylChloride Tubing - call for sizing

For intravascular use PVC had largely been replaced by PolyUrethane and Silicone. PVC is still use for the external components of the infusion set-up; the tubing of infusion and extension sets is generally PVC.

Co-Extruded Tubing - PE lined PVC - call for sizes

This external only infusion tubing combines the best features of both materials. The PolyEthylene lined fluid pathway offers compound compatibility while the PVC offers durability and kink resisitance. Not For Intravascular Use.

Important considerations when choosing a catheter material are its..

Biocompatibility, the ability of the the material to perform its intended function without eliciting undesirable side effects.

Thrombogenicity, the tendency of the material when in contact with the blood to form a clot.

Biocompatibility and Thrombogenicity are dependent on the physical properties of the material (e.g., rigidity, surface smoothness) as well as its chemical nature, the basic polymer and any additives.

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