Founded in 1981, Access Technologies is a global company that designs, manufactures, and markets innovative infusion devices that provide solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the ever changing world of biomedical research and veterinary medicine.

We design and manufacture innovative and reliable infusion equipment including a full line of Vascular Access Ports, Huber Needles, Infusion and Extension Lines, Custom Catheters, and offer Bulk Tubing and Accessories for all species from mice to non-human primates.

We welcome inquiries to modify existing products to suit your individual requirements. We have the expertise and experience to design and customize catheters according to material, tubing diameters, tip configuration, modification placement and lengths. To view our product information, go directly to the product menu and make your selection, or contact us by emailĀ or call: +1-847-674-7131 (USA).

Among the customers we are proud to serve are Private Contract Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Institutes, Universities, Veterinary Teaching Hospitals, Biotechnology Companies and Government Institutions

Mission Statement

To provide innovative and superior quality products and technical support to those who research challenging issues in the life sciences.

To provide innovative solutions to satisfy customer needs and exceed customer expectations.

To contribute to the progress and improvement of society.

Keeping The Momentum

We have expanded our production capacity and significantly enhanced our product line to serve an ever-widening customer base world-wide. Our focus and strategy is to meet your exclusive needs by providing innovative and superior products with advanced technical support.