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LoVol port


The ultra-low dead volume of the Lovol Port is the port of choice for any application requiring minimal dead volume, i.e. an unusually expensive test article of CSF collection. Available in 2 sizes, the MIN-LoVol and MIDLoVol, with the reservoirvolume only 10% of that of the Solomon MIN and MID standard SoloPorts. The LoVol ports can be accessed with standard 22ga. and 24ga. Huber needles and infusion sets.



Lovol port volume std port volume





The FunnelCath, a polyurethane catheter, offers a very small distal tip for intravascular placements in rodents while providing a way to connect these catheters to an infusion source; such as an access port, luer stub adaptor or pump, taht requires a larger inner diameter catheter. Available in three sizes....funnel cath diagram

funnel cath picture



PUFC-C30-10 - a 1.2 fr distal tip & 3 french proximal tip


PUFC-C20-10 - a 1.2 fr distal tip & 2 french proximal tip


PUFC-C30-20 - a 2 fr distal tip & 3 french proximal tip










the future in vascular access ports is





The enlarged radiused septum provides easier port location for accessing, while the contoured top surface reduces the potential for skin necrosis, improving comfort and promoting animal welfare.


swirl contour swirlport chamber


With no corners for sludge (blood and drug residuals) to accumulate, the SwirlPort offers superior flow dynamics, and therfore more complete flushing. This reduces the incidence of occlusion and infection.





the light weight, plastic port with

...........the Clear Advantage


The proven design of the titanium ClearPorts, with the round chamber and tangential catheter outlet placement, are now available in a light weight plastic/polysulfone material




rodent custom catheters







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