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TCS Catheter Lock Solution

....an Anti-Microbial Lock Solution providing patency and infection control

....a revolutionary approach to catheter maintenance



The Researchers New Best Friend



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TCS combines two active ingredients vital to the effective management of vascular access catheters - Taurolidine and Citrate. When catheters are locked with TCS, their internal flow passages are resistant to clot formation and hostile to bacterial and fungal growth.



- chemically modified amino acid taurine

- interacts with components of microbial cell walls, resulting in irreparable injury

- prevents intraluminal microbial colonization
- inhibits biofilm that can allow protected microbial colonization
- acts effectively against a broad range of bacteria and fungi
- does not induce development of resisitant microbes



- anticoagulant component of TCS

- forms a complex with calcium in the blood, disrupting the normal coagulation cascade
- inhibits intraluminal blood coagulation with no systemic effect


Prevention of catheter related infection Taurolidine has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and fungi
Reduced risk of biofilm formation Taurolidine causes a loss of microbial fimbriae and flagellae, altering the microbial surface, preventing colonization
Supports catheter patency The citrate ion chelates calcium ions in the blood by forming calcium citrate complexes, disrupting the clotting mechanism.
No development of resistance Due to the mode of action of Taurolidine directly on microbial cell walls, development of resistance is unlikely
(in contrast to the development of resistance to antibiotics)
Favorable safety profile No systemic nor toxic effects of Taurolidine have been identified. Its' safety has been confirmed in clinical studies with long term intravenous administration of high doses


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