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Clearport heading

The innovative design of the ClearPort series, in titanium and plastic, offers a major advantage over conventional port technology.



The Rounded Chamber design

- reduces dead spaces

- minimizes corners

- minimizes sludge* formation

- minimizes occlusions and infections


The Unique Catheter outlet placement

- improves flow dynamics

- results in more complete flushing

*sludge - accumulation of blood and drug residuals
  • Specifications
  • Advantages


ClearPorts are available in 3 sizes in both titanium or plastic (MRI conditional).


The CP 2 models are suitable for sheep, swine and large dogs

The CP 4 models are suitable for smaller swine & dogs as well as larger primates

The CP 6 models are suitable for cats, rabbits and small primates


Model CP2/Large CP4/Medium CP6/Small
Weight 14gm 8gm 3gm
Port Volume 0.84cc 0.36cc 0.10cc
Port Height 0.5"/1.3cm 0.4"/1.0cm 0.3"/0.8cm
Septum 0.47"/1.2cm 0.35"/0.9cm 0.23"/0.6cm
Footprint 1.15"/2.9cm 0.90"/2.3cm 0.68"/1.7cm

Catheter Configuration:

Ports can be ordered with catheters that are preattached during manufacture or that are attachable/ attached during surgery

Catheter Material:

Silicone, Polyurethane, Intisil (round tip Silicone) or Hydrocoat (round tip Hydromer coated Polyurethane) catheter in French sizes 2-9.





The rounded port chamber design allows fluid to reach all surfaces in the chamber, helping eliminate dead spaces, resist sludge build-up, and reduce occlusions and infections*.


The unique catheter outlet placement creates a flushing action within the port to hypercleanse the entire chamber leading to decreased sludge build-up and a reduced rate of occlusions*.


*Stevens B. et. al. "A randomized prospective trial of conventional vascular access ports vs. the Vortex 'Clear-flow' reservoir ports in adult oncology patients." JVAD Summer 2000.




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